Top Vintage Markets Around the World for the Best Antiques (2023)

Top Vintage Markets Around the World for the Best Antiques (1)Photo: Vintage Leeds via Flickr

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When you travel, nothing quite beats the thrill of arriving home with a unique, one-of-a-kind souvenir or antiques bought at a reasonable price. Aside from the regular shops, the best experiences a travel lover can haveare vintage marketsthat offera true sense of the culture and identity of the country. There is a wide variety of these around the world, but here are 7 of the best and what to look for in each:

Birkelunden Flea Market, Oslo, Norway

Located in the Grünerløkka district, Birkelunden (“The Birch Grove” in Norwegian) is a public park where a flea market is held almost every Sunday at 12pm.During the weekdays the park is filled with locals walking and shopping at nearby boutiques, but once the weekends arrive the shops close for the cooler shopping. Here you can find one-of-a-kind items such as vintage clothing, furniture, and jewelry from the 1950s-70s. You can also find regular staples such as antiques, old vinyl records, and militaria. At Birkelunden, you will find lots of treasures here. A haven for antiques lovers!

How to get here:

Take the Tram No. 11/12/13 > Birkenlunden, where the park is located along the Grünerløkka tram rails and right Birkelunden tram stop.

Photo: Geir Halvorsen via Flickr

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Fall Flea & Fair, Wellman, Iowa

A one-of-a-kind experience that can only be seen at the Vintage Flea and Fair at the BARN. Twice a year the Barn is filled with vintage, chic, and hand-made items all around the premises. The Barn also includes new additions and hosts special events during special occasions, but is not open on a regular basis. They also feature onsite brick oven pizza and live music for their guests. The Fall Flea & Fair at the BARN is scheduled for Friday, September 22 with early bird admission from 12pm-2pm @ $10/person and general admission from 2pm-8pm @ $5/person and Saturday, September 23 from 9am-3pm @ $5 per person. Children under age 12 are free. Thisis a must-see for a lover of rustic, vintage items.

How to get here:

The address to the Barn is 3271 V Avenue Wellman, Iowa. The BARN offers free parking and golf cart shuttle rides for all its customers, which is located nearFall Flea & Fair.

Photo: Kelsie Berg Photography

El Rastro, Madrid, Spain

El Rastro (“The Trail” in Spanish) is Madrid’s largest and oldest antiques market featuringup to 3,500 stalls. Itis open every Sunday from 9am-3pm. It is so large that it runs along two streams, Plaza de Cascorroand Ronda de Toledo.Here you can find lots of merchandise at bargain prices – antiques, treasure, collectibles, handmade items, and so much more. If you’re looking for unique discoveries, the best stores are located along the side streets. You’ll be carried along by the crowds and find a few surprises when you travel to Spain.

How to get here:

Take the Line 5 subway to at either the La Latina or Puerta de Toledo stations.

Photo: Jesús Ávila via Flickr

Feira da Ladra, Lisbon, Portugal

Fiera da Ladra (“Thief Fair” in Portuguese) is one of Lisbon’s most famous markets, which offers almost a little bit of everything youwant to find as a travel lover. It is believed that itexisted since the 12th century, but its name hasn’t been mentioned until the 17th century. Fiera da Ladra is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 6am-5pm in Campo de Santa Clara. Myriads of stalls sell all kinds of second-hand and new products, as well as other items such as hand-made artisan goods, books, stamps, antiques and furniture. At Fiera da Ladra, you can find something useful and unique for yourself to bring back home when you travel to Portugal.

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How to get here:

Take Tram 28 to Santa Apolonia and head north until you see the market.

Photo: Ju Figueiredo via Flickr

Porte de Clignancourt, Paris, France

Porte de Clingnancourt is the most famous and largest flea market in Paris, comprised of 14 sub markets indoor and outdoor – almost like a small city! It is open every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10am-5pm. Find almost anything such as funky art, vintage items, furniture, antiques and fine china. Each booth has its own unique set of items to sell, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your interest. You may feel lost wandering around the enormous alleyways, but the streets are brimming with so many vintage treasures and antiques that you’ll bewanting to stay here the entire day when you travel to Paris.

How to get here:

Take the metro toPorte de Clignancourt on Line 4 and follow the crowd.

Photo: ParisSharing via Flickr

Rose Bowl Flea Market, Pasadena, California

The Rose Bowl is Pasadena’s most iconic market held every second Sunday of the month from 9am-4:30pm. It has a long running 45-year tradition in Pasadena. Being held at a stadium, there’s a $9 admission fee for regular admission, $12 for early admission, and $20 for VIP admission. Whether it’s new, antiques, or old stuff you’re after, you will be able to find something here. More than 2,500 booths dominate the stadium and sell various items such as vintage paintings, collectibles, prints, sculptures, and so much more. Whether you decide to shop or just browse the antiques, you will truly enjoy this travel experience.

How to get here:

(Video) Largest antique show! Join me for Round Top Antiques Week, a unique Texas treasure trove event.

There is available parking outside the stadium, but it’s best to arrive early for a guaranteed spot.

Photo: Kathryn Igarashi via Flickr

Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom

Portobello Road is the largest flea market in the world. At first, itwas primarily known for its antiques, but nowadays vendors sell almost anything and everything. What is interesting is that every day of the week features something different on display, and you can even find arcades and vegetable stands. It’s open from 9am to either 7 or 8pm depending on the day. Some of the most famous finds here are the vintage clothes and accessories, bric-a-bracs, antiques, and music. It’s no wonder Portobello Road is the best-known in the world.

Photo: 5477687 via Pixabay

How to get here:

Take either the 7,12, 23, 27, 28, 31, 52, 70, 94, 328 & 452 buses or take the train toCircle and Hammersmith & City line.

Photo: Chris Ipadzwo via Flickr

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Oedo Antique Market, Tokyo, Japan

The Oedo is the largest outdoor antique market in Japan that is held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the year from 9am-4pm. It takes place at the Tokyo International Forum, right next to Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote line. Up to 250 vendors here sell a wide range of traditional Japanese items, such as kimonos, trinkets, pottery, obis, and furniture. Oedo is a great place for visitors looking for traditional or unusual Japanese goods. It is best to arrive during the morning, as itusually gets crowded around lunchtime.

Photo: Guilhem Vellut via Flickr

How to get here:

Go to the D5 Exit of Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote line, and itis right next to the Tokyo Internation Forum.

Photo: Juancho Goldar via Flickr

How to shop like a pro:

  • Know what you want. Before deciding to impulsively purchase something that appears nice, research on prices and items that you are actually looking for. Once you arrive , you’ll know exactly what to buy and be ready for it.
  • Arrive early.It is best to arrive before opening hours so that you can get the best items before everyone else.
  • Inspect the items your buying properly before buying them.
  • Get ready to haggle.Items sold at the antiques or vintage market are usually slightly more expensive than other places, so don’t be afraid to bargain!
  • Beware of pickpockets.These are common places for thieves. Always guard your valuables and wear your bag in front of you at all times.
  • Bring cash. Not all places will accept card, so be sure to bring along cash just in case. Also, make sure to keep it well hidden.

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Top Vintage Markets Around the World for the Best Antiques? ›

France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain are among the most antiques-aware and flea market-friendly locations in the world. One of the great things about antique shopping in Europe is that its railway network is one of the most modern and best-connected in the world.

What countries are best for antiques? ›

France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain are among the most antiques-aware and flea market-friendly locations in the world. One of the great things about antique shopping in Europe is that its railway network is one of the most modern and best-connected in the world.

Which one is the greatest antique market in the world? ›

Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen (The Puces) – Paris, France. The Puces started in 1920 and is lovingly known as the mother of all antique fairs. It is by far the biggest and most prestigious in the world boasting over 1,700 vendors at a time.

Which country has most antiques? ›

Arts and Antiques are the world's 20th most traded product. In 2021, the top exporters of Arts and Antiques were United States ($6.82B), United Kingdom ($4.47B), France ($2.21B), China ($1.94B), and Germany ($1.39B).

Where is the largest antique flea market in the country? ›

Brimfield is synonymous with flea markets. With 5,000 dealers stretched over 21 fields along one mile of Route 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, the annual flea markets are believed to be the largest and oldest outdoor antiques shows in the country.

What is the antiques capital of the US? ›

Adamstown, PA, has earned a national reputation as the “Antiques Capital” of the United States. Thousands of antique dealers offer their treasures to an ever growing audience of collectors from around the country.

Why are antiques not popular anymore? ›

Dealers, auctioneers and designers point to a number of reasons for the declining interest in antiques and rapid rise of contemporary design. More homes have open-concept, casual living spaces rather than formal dining rooms and studies, which reduces the need for stately mahogany dining tables, chairs and cabinets.

Where is the antique capital of the world? ›

Adamstown, Pennsylvania – otherwise known as “Antiques Capital, USA” – is a charming, old-fashioned village in the heart of Dutch Country. Over 5,000 Antique Dealers – to say nothing of the number of prospective buyers and collectors – have flocked over the years to this heart-center of old-world charm.

What is the biggest town in antique? ›

Its capital is San Jose de Buenavista, the most populous town in Antique.
Antique (province)
FoundedMarch 10, 1917
Capital and largest municipalitySan Jose de Buenavista
• TypeSangguniang Panlalawigan
40 more rows

What is the US largest antique store? ›

The Factory Antique Mall is the largest in America. We are an over 140,000 square feet mall all on one floor - and still growing! Handicap accessible.

What state has the most antiques? ›

One place that tops almost every antiques expert's list is Adamstown, Pennsylvania. And with more than 300 shops and co-ops dealing beautiful collectibles in this Amish-influenced region, it's easy to see why.

What vintage china is worth the most? ›

Blue Willow is arguably the most collectible – but it's also one of the most widely produced. Even today, companies are creating Blue Willow patterned china. The rare, original, and very old Blue Willow china pieces are the most collectible and the most valuable, if you can get your hands on them.

Where is the biggest swap meet in the United States? ›

Technically the world's largest yard sale, the flea market known as the 127 Corridor is certainly the LONGEST outdoor market. Beginning on a highway in Jamestown, TN, this flea stretches hundreds of miles through North Covington, Kentucky, and continues all the way to Gadsden, Alabama.

What is the world's largest monthly antique show in the United States? ›

Thirty years later, with four generations of Scotts working the show, the Scott Antique Markets is stronger than ever. It has grown into the World's Largest Monthly Indoor Antique Show, and is truly “America's Favorite Treasure Hunts!”

What is the largest swap meet in the US? ›

The 127 Corridor Sale in Tennessee spans 690 miles, making it the world's longest yard sale. You can shop for multiple days at this flea market and never see the same thing twice.

What is the oldest town in antique? ›

Hamtic or Hamtik is the oldest town in Antique. It was the first capital of the province during the Spanish regime. Later, San Jose de Buenavista was made capital by the Spaniards in 1802.

What is the last town of antique? ›

Anini-y. Anini-y is the last town in the southern part of Antique and Panay Island. It is bordered by San Joaquin, Iloilo and Tobias Frornier, (formerly Dao) Antique. Its southern coast, where the 17 barangays are located, is bordered by the waters of Panay Gulf.

What is the antique capital of Texas? ›

In 1995, the Texas Legislature named Gladewater the Antique Capital of East Texas. While the town of six thousand contains enough stores for a full day of shopping, the Gladewater Antique Mall is the center of the town's antiquing universe, containing “masses” of figurines, collectibles, glassware, and more.

What antiques are hot now? ›

Wooden furniture, colorful quilts, and early-American wares are particularly hot right now, say a mix of esteemed collectors. Blythe Copeland is a contributing writer with more than a decade of experience as a freelance lifestyle writer.

Which antiques are the best investment? ›

Here are 10 examples of common items in the homes or everyday people like you that often turn out to be very valuable indeed!
  • Coins.
  • Vinyl records.
  • Vintage toys.
  • Tea and dining sets.
  • Ceramics and silverware.
  • Furniture and light fittings.
  • Books and comics.
  • Electronics.
Aug 4, 2022

Which is better vintage or antique? ›

Vintage differs from antique because of its age. Antiques are usually at least 100 years old, while vintage items, though aged, are not as old as antiques. For example, an antique would include an old gramophone or handmade wooden dresser from the early 1900s.

What is the smallest town in antique? ›

Garcia, Belison was declared a municipality - the smallest and the youngest in the Province of Antique. During World War II, Japanese war submarines and other marine craft found the shores of Belison easy entry points to Panay, and invaded the Western Visayas in that location.

Which country is antique? ›

Antique is a province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. It is situated in the western section of Panay Island and borders Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo to the east, while facing the Sulu Sea to the west. The province of Antique is subdivided into 18 municipalities.

How many cities are there in antique? ›


The Antique province is divided into 18 Municipalities: Anini-y. Barbaza.

Are Chinese antiques popular? ›

There is still major demand for Chinese art and antiques out there. Discerning Chinese antique buyers are still willing to pay top price for authentic pieces. All of the six most expensive Chinese art pieces were sold by Sotheby's Asia in 2019.

What is the expensive antique in the world? ›

The most expensive antique ever sold at an auction is the Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase. It is listed at number one on's most expensive antiques sold through any auction in the world. The Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase was sold at auction for $80.2 Million in 2010 in United Kingdom.


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